Top Summer Corporate Gift Ideas

Top Summer Corporate Gift Ideas

Jul 19, 2021InTandem Promotions

Top Summer Brand Ideas

Summer is here and with all the enjoyment that vacations, cookouts and picnics bring.  It is the perfect opportunity to reward your team, relax, and reconnect.  And definitely, an opportunity to promote your brand and vision.  Just think of the employee goodwill and word-of-mouth that these events bring!

So check out our top branded products that are making this summer hot and trendy!

Staying Safe & Hydrated this Summer 

With all the fun that comes with summertime it is also important that your team is set with products that keep them safe throughout these hot summer months. There are many products that can improve your team’s safety while preventing the effects of the summer heat. Staying hydrated is always important but it becomes even more so during the summer as the temperatures rise. Dehydration a danger to not only your team’s productivity and work performance, but also to their health.  



 Whether in need of big gulp or keeping water on your desk, these are just two of new favorites that launched this season. 

H2GO Eco Water Bottle


Or check out the entire collection here.

We are obsessed with this Sun Bum sunblock and kit. They smell delicious, and is perfect for anyone on the go, keeping in the car, or in your beach bag. No matter what time of year it is SPF is a necessity, especially during the summer.

And for those days where it’s still just too hot outside, have your team prepared with these cooling towels.

Outdoor Fun Activities

Who wants to be inside when it’s this beautiful and warm outside? Fun outdoor activities are a great way to create team building at events.

Keep your employees cool with a custom tent while playing fun games such as Flying Saucer or connect 4. Create a tournament with any activity you choose to bring some friendly competition to the team.  Add some comfort with custom chairs for your team to enjoy during the event. From your backyard to your office’s activities room, outdoor games are a fun and exciting way to bring the team together.


Travel and Beach Ideas

As your team heads to the beach, the pool or the lake, keep your employees smiling and thankful to bring their gear with them to all their summer adventures. Whether it’s the beach or the lake these products will be used all summer by your employees.

Schooner Bag



Did you know that the average beach towel stays with its owner on average for over 7 years?!

And let’s not forget a holder for your drink 

-Bay City Beach Cup Holder


Picnics, BBQ, and Get Togethers

There is nothing better than a grilled hamburger, corn-on-the-cob and if you are from the South, a glass of sweet tea! Check out a few of our favorite employee gift ideas!



Who doesn’t need or love an extra BBQ set? This set includes its own bamboo case to keep all items include.


Or give them a set with this easy-to-carry case to keep everything at hand and nearby - 5 Piece Bamboo BBQ Set


The perfect picnic always starts with a cute blanket - Oversized Striped Picnic Blanket


And let’s not forget an easy to carry picnic set - Modesto Picnic Carrier Set

And we all need a can cooler to keep our drinks hot on cool days.  Our favorite is from Corkcicle with a full collection, one is bound to be the perfect fit for your team - Corkcicle Classic Arctican

So there you a have it! The perfect gift collection to make it through the dog days of summer, incentivize your team, and bring everyone back together!


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