Your online program should not be an off-the-shelf stock solution with generic graphics, “best-sellers” in industries that are not yours, or products that are not going to resonate with your employees, clients, or brand ambassadors. Each store that InTandem develops contains genius insights into what your consumers are interested in and trends to build a program that is tailored to your needs. We create complete customization based on your needs – security, page or department access, payment needs, and more. 

Our fun e-commerce campaigns and brand-building initiatives are based on the needs of your organization and promote the stores internally. Brand Names and retail driven products are leveraged to excite associates and encourage purchases and usage. Our mobile friendly design enables buyers to connect from PC, Smart Phone or Tablet. And with speedy delivery – branded products stocked on the shelves, there is no quicker means to do crazy.


  • Perfect for schools, fundraising, and employee events, employee thank yous, and short term events.
  • Limited time.
  • No charge
  • Able to take credit card or bill directly to the organization.
  • Limited features
  • No charge fee for the store
  • Must meet the minimum factory requirements for quantity orders
  • Able to order 1 piece minimums including embroidery and custom hard goods.
  • Dedicated account team
  • Multiple drop shipments available at the close of th


  • Additional features
  • Multiple forms of credit card payment
  • Able to offer gift cards
  • Blend of product mix - custom/stocked /hard goods/ apparel/etc - must meet the minimum factory requirements
  • Includes promotion of the website through e-communication, newsletters, and other appropriate approved corporate communication
  • Dedicated account and custom e-mail address for full communication
  • Quarterly change out of product merchandise
  • Ship per order


  • Full Website
  • No monthly Fee but must meet custom corporate annual spend budget.
  • Monthly e-communication
  • Dedicated account team, custom email address, and 800 number
  • Full catalog of products
  • Quarterly change out of product merchandise
  • Full shopping features and design
  • Ship per order

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