Top 10 Must Haves to Make Hybrid Working a Success

Top 10 Must Haves to Make Hybrid Working a Success

Aug 16, 2021InTandem Promotions

As future office environments continue to evolve, the hybrid work model is gaining traction. A hybrid working environment is the combination of office and remote work to create a productive work environment. With many organizations planning for local employees to come back into the office a few days per week and some allowing employees to remain virtual, finding a blend to maintain employee productivity as well as create a successful future landscape has been very successful.

The pandemic has proven that now more ever remote work is possible. However, to maintain productivity and ensure team cohesiveness, face-to-face and in person environment are being brought back into the mix. If your team is planning on splitting their time and creating a hybrid model, one key component to ensuring success is to setup an environment both at work and at home to develop consistency and ensure that your team has everything at the ready.

As we head back to this new model, here are a few of our must top 10 must haves:

1) Keep an office bag packed with all essentials where you just need to insert your laptop and go is a the absolute trick. Here are a few of our top favorite bag ideas that keep your essentials and the kitchen sink at the ready:

2) We may be old school, but there is no way that we would leave our mouse and mousepad behind. We keep one in our bag so that we can remain productive no matter where we go.

3) Blue light glasses – with all of the screen time, we are still using ours all the time and keeping an extra pair in our bag to ensure that we are ready for all of those fun hybrid meetings.

4) Chargers and cords – Are you always fighting to find the right plug, the right cord? And then when you do, they are a tangled mess? These are genius ideas that we keep packed and at the ready for just such an emergency!

5) Headphones – Getting creative with sounds has been a skill that we have all developed in working from home – kids, dogs, spouses, Amazon deliveries. Coming into the office will be no different. These noise canceling headphones are a few of our favorites with branding all over or more subtle options.

6) Never know what the office temperature will be? Don’t forget your favorite cardigan or pullover that is office chic, but can also handle being folded into a bag to grab and go.

7) Heading into the office is a definite need for coffee! This ember travel mug is perfect for hybrid working! It keeps your coffee warm on the way into the office as well as during (and for refills). We have also included a few more of our favorite caffeinated vessels!


8) Staying hydrated and keeping snacks at the ready is also key to maximize your office time. We love these cute snack bags, utensils and bento boxes to make bringing your snacks to the office a treat.

9) Needing to jot down a note, to-do lists, meeting notes? We love all of these paper products and our favorite pens!


10) And for the office on the go, let’s not forget all of the little necessities to keep us organized!

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