Top Summer Team Building Ideas

Top Summer Team Building Ideas

Jul 08, 2021InTandem Promotions

Trying to come up with fun summer themed events for your team? Here are a few of our favorites for your team to come together, connect, and enjoy this awesome summer weather. When employees feel happy and don’t dread a day in the office, it contributes to a healthier workplace and has a positive impact on productivity.


With so many employees feeling disconnected, this is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone back together in an open environment. Check out some of our fun ideas for summer events!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Create an ice Cream Social with picnic blankets for your team to sit on along with custom ice cream scoopsand cups. An ice cream social is the perfect event for these hot summer days. Planning an ice cream social at work is a great way to spend time unwinding with co-workers and getting to know one another better. Through the hustle and bustle in the office an ice cream social will be the perfect event for your team to take a step back and cool off with some ice cream.


Summer relax and refresh party.

Sometimes it takes taking a step back to have a clear mind in the office. With a clear mind your teams moral is more likely to increase along with productivity in the office. Provide your team with the time to refresh their mind with a relax and refresh party. One idea for this event would be to get your team together for a wine and charcuterie board party. This is a great event for companies wanting their employees to take a step back and enjoy their coworkers away from the stress of the office.


Keep it simple with an outdoor picnic!

Provide everything for your team from custom chairs, speakers, picnic baskets, bento boxes and more! An outdoor picnic at a local park allows team members to socialize outside of the workplace in a way that is less structured. It’s a great way for people to come and go in their own time. This is the perfect event to let your employees come together in a relaxed environment and improve your their moral when having events. 

Old-fashioned BBQ. 

Having an event like this is a fun way for everyone to be encouraged to engage with their team. With the smell of fresh burgers and hot dogs on the grill, watermelon, coleslaw and all your favorite fixings, this is one lunch that is hard to top. Provide the best grilling accessories that are custom to your companies branding and have your team bring the sides for the event. As the BBQ is winding down get everyone to crown the grill master of your team!



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