These Top 5 Promotional Products Have Serious Staying Power

These Top 5 Promotional Products Have Serious Staying Power

Apr 15, 2021InTandem Promotions

When it comes to special items, there are some things you hold onto forever: family heirlooms, sentimental treasures, and functional products that were built to last.

Unfortunately, most promotional products don’t fall into that category. In fact, about 58% of consumers will keep promotional items for only about one to four years. This isn’t exactly the long-lasting impression most companies hope to have when they purchase swag items.

Despite this fact, promotional products and corporate gifts do make an impact when it comes to your team members and your clients alike. More than 50% of consumers reported having a favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional product.

So, how do you make the most of your corporate gifts? The answer: Choose promotional products with staying power! And luckily, we’ve got you covered. Some beloved, long-lasting items also happen to be the most functional. From water bottles to towels, here are the top corporate products that customers will hold on to. 

  1. Towels That Stand the Test of Time

On average, custom beach towels last for 15 years! If that’s not worth putting your logo on, we don’t know what is. From beach towels to golf and athletic towels, the customization options are virtually endless.

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  1. Water Bottles (Because Everyone Needs to Hydrate!)

In an increasingly eco-conscious society, many professionals are foregoing disposable plastic water bottles in favor of reusable ones. Adding your company name or logo will means your business will be fresh in the minds of your workers or your customers every time they reach for a sip. 

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  1. Blankets Keep It Cozy

Whether you’re frozen in your air-conditioned office or curling up on the couch at home, a nice blanket always comes in handy. Like towels, they also tend to stick around for years because it’s always nice to have an extra blanket on hand. 

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  1. Mugs are Practically Collectors’ Items

Coffee mugs are inherently useful — after all, they hold energy-giving elixirs like coffee and tea. But mugs are also collectibles. Most people have mugs they’ve accumulated throughout the years as souvenirs from vacations, as gifts featuring their favorite cartoon characters or witty catchphrases, and of course from the companies they’ve worked with or for. 

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  1. Everyone Always Needs a Pen

Pens are one of those items that everyone needs but not a lot of people buy for themselves. They are also an item that is often misplaced, so having giftable ones on hand is a great way to keep your company top of mind.

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Interested in custom products that last? Let’s get started with a quote from InTandem. And if you ever find yourself asking, “What are the best corporate gifts?” remember the answer is always, “The ones that stand the test of time!”

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