What is QCA

InTandem Promotions stands behind every product we sell, and are actively engaged in continuous monitoring of product performance and quality. We manage product quality both through sourcing products only from the most reputable QCA certified factories and through a rigorous inspection and testing process of all items. QCA (Quality Certification Alliance) is the promotional product industry’s only independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping suppliers provide safe and compliant products. QCA’s sole purpose is to certify the supplier processes involved in:

  • Product Quality
  • Product Safety
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Social Accountability
  • Environmental Impact
InTandem Promotions works with over 30 accredited companies that are QCA certified. InTandem preforms initial and ongoing performance evaluations of all factories that we partner with both domestically and internationally. We evaluate their QCA standards and require samples from every order to validate quality standards are met.

It’s not just your brand on the line, it’s our reputation.