Awards Recognition

An above-and-beyond employee deserves better than an off-the-shelf award. At InTandem Promotions, we create custom awards and recognition programs that let your overachievers know just how much you appreciate them and their hard work. We dive deeper to ensure that the meaning of the award and the dedication behind it are captured and will be a proud reminder for years to come. We’re experienced in creating awards for all kinds of programs and departments, including:

  • Safety Awards
  • Franchise and Partner Awards
  • Sales Awards
  • Employee Recognition Awards
  • Finance Awards

Between custom awards, online redemption programs, and special packaging and delivery, InTandem Promotions is able to provide your team with the appropriate recognition and a memorable result.

Obviously, there are times for off-the-shelf rewards. That’s why we offer those, too. But if they went above and beyond, shouldn’t you?