Account Executive Resource Guide

Transitioning to a new company can be overwhelming.  Our CEO, Sara Webb has been in this industry for over 23 years.  We have compiled a list of questions that as you making this transition to a new organization, that you ask.  This will ensure that as a salesperson, you have your bases covered and needs met (as well as ensuring it’s a good fit for both parties).



* Find out HOW an organization is going to support you.  As a growing salesperson, you need more than just an assistant and leads coming in from a website.

  • Are they part of a buying group that enables you to have competitive pricing, dedicated resources and an expansive network in the marketplace?
  • What services do they provide to their clients and do they fit with your current mix of clients?
  • How do they run programs?  Are you limited by the client size and the products that are included? 
  • Does the organization have the same goals and values as you? 
  • How are they growing?  And how are they going to help you grow? If it’s just based onboarding salespeople, how do they create and separate the leads (or is there oversaturation?). Will you be lost in a sea of salespeople without a voice or is there a clear channel of communication?
  • How do they support your sales knowledge and growth?  Do they include you in events? Do they have an education reimbursement program?
  • What types of marketing do they do - beyond a quarterly mailer and a website? 
  • How frequently do you meet with your sales leader to help you expand and grow the business?
  • How are the clients handled after the sale? 
  • What is their sales processes – who does what throughout the process? 
  • How do they interact with their vendors and partners? 
  • As you grow, when do they provide additional support?

What are their in-house capabilities and what is outsourced?


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