Branded Corporate Holiday Gifts: Be Everyone’s Fav Gift Giver in 2020

Branded Corporate Holiday Gifts: Be Everyone’s Fav Gift Giver in 2020

Nov 13, 2020InTandem Promotions

Question: Why do custom gifts mean more? 

Answer: Because custom is better, and your customers deserve better. (And no matter how many times people say they want gift cards, you know deep down the personal touch means more.)

Does that mean your branded corporate holiday gifts need to take you too much time? No, and that’s why we’re here: to make the process of finding/customizing/buying/shipping unique holiday gifts for clients so easy it feels like holiday magic. 

We can help you with branded corporate holiday gifts.

Ready to get started with InTandem? Here’s how it works: 


  1. Curated Collections 


Don’t have time to figure out exactly what you want to gift? Good, because that’s what our trend experts are here to do. Whether you’re looking for essential classics or the trendiest tech item, our job is literally to do the shopping for you (and we’re good at it). To get started, send us your goals, and we’ll build a personalized gift collection for you. Or, you can browse our holiday gift guide for ideas below! 


Start Shopping 


  • Budget-Conscious Choices 

    Set your budget, and then let us manage the rest. We work with all kinds of budgets — big and small. Want to spend a lot on a small group of people? Want to spend a little on a large group of people? We’ve got options to make sure that you create a lasting impression with your branded corporate holiday gifts, no matter how big or small.


  • Easy Online Shopping 

    You buy everything online already. Why should your branded corporate holiday gifts be any different? We make it easy to find great gifts by having hundreds of options available on our website, and you can check out online, too. Or, if you don’t want the hassle of searching our inventory, let our team build you an online portal with only the options that fit your goals. Give us a call today to get started!  


     Start Customizing


    Try our special services. 


    Did we mention our special services can go the extra mile to get you exactly what you want? We’re here to deliver unique holiday gifts for clients that they won’t ever forget, ranging from branding and designing services to white-glove boxing and delivery. 


  • Branding & Designing Customization

    Show your clients that you’re interested in building something that lasts with design that protects your brand while sharing it with your customers. Example: We’re here to make sure that your embroidered logo still looks like your logo — whether it’s on a tote bag, a North Face jacket, or a Snuggie. 


  • Boxing & Delivery 

    You know that “Christmas morning,” “Hanukkah night,” “Solstice season,” feeling of joy when you unwrap a beautifully designed gift? That’s our game — and we make it happen with every shipment. We prioritize the delivery moment with a personal touch, whether it’s a personalized note or something else, and we make every recipient feel really good when they open our boxes.  


  • Concierge-Level Account Management 

    Not only are we here to do all of the work, but we’re also here to keep you updated from Day 1. We’ll update you with product lead times, shipping estimates, and everything else that goes into making sure gifts are delivered on time. You don’t have to keep up with us — we prioritize keeping up with you. 


    See what our clients have to say about working with us.


    We’re not here to toot our own horn, but we do want you to know exactly what it’s like working with us, and no better way to do it than to hear it straight from the people who trust us with their brand.  


    Our previous swag was costing us 60K a year. Three months into working with InTandem, we were profitable. InTandem just really goes above and beyond. We were in the middle of taking multiple companies into one brand and one voice when we started working with InTandem, and they’ve helped us protect our brand." - Doug 


    “They never quit; they always try to find a solution even if their back is against the wall. Intandem is nimble and they never give up. They never make excuses either, whether it’s in their control or out of their control. They’ve been really good to us.” - Tracey 


    Be everyone’s favorite gift giver this year with InTandem. 


    So, ready to take the holiday plunge? Let us help you with all of your holiday gifting needs this year by giving us a call today

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