How We're Different

Connecting with a target audience is the secret behind every successful promotion. But you want more than a fleeting impression. You want a deep connection with lasting impact. At InTandem, we dive deeper to connect deeper.

We take the time to understand your company’s needs and goals. Then we immerse ourselves into understanding your target audience and begin the search for that customized solution that engages on a whole new level. A human level. Let’s connect.

Our Story

Ever since I can remember, I have been a juggler. Juggling activities, career, family, friends, and volunteering. I have learned through all of this juggling that I can do it myself. But it’s far easier (not to mention more fun) to juggle with a partner. And it was on this premise that InTandem Promotions was born! With over 20 years of experience in the promotional products industry and working with a wide-range of companies and organizations building their brand stories, I am excited to build upon that experience and meet our clients’ needs. In 2013, InTandem Promotions open its doors.

My mentor, Janelle Nevins – an industry icon, was one of the most courageous women that I have ever known. Her smile was contagious and she would draw you in to any conversation. The room would light up as soon as she walked in. To her, this industry wasn’t about selling. It was always about building friends and connections (before that was a thing).

Janelle started in the promotional products industry after staying at home with her first son. Her husband, Art Nevins, and her father-in-law were a distributorship out of their basement. In the late-’70s she began managing the orders and order processing for her husband and father-in-law but soon who she was destined to be emerged. In a matter of months, she was bringing in large orders, from not-so-small businesses. My favorite power story about Janelle is, “She cold-called Coca-Cola and got an appointment with somebody there,” Art Nevins said. “We asked how she did that, and she said, ‘Well, you said I should call them.'”

Janelle Nevins passed in 2012 and it was only fitting that the woman that showed me strength, courage, ambition, and a passion for this industry was somehow incorporated into InTandem’s fabric. The Nevins’ logo was PMS teal 327. Therefore, it is only fitting that the teal in our logo is the same.

WBENC Certified

About WBENC:

InTandem Promotions is proud to be a certified by WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) as a woman-owned business. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), founded in 1997, is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States. WBENC, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, partners with 14 Regional Partner Organizations to provide its world class standard of certification to women-owned businesses throughout the country.

Supplier diversity programs add $3.6 million to the bottom line for every $1 million in procurement operation costs according to a 2015 study by The Hackett Group. Supplier diversity promotes innovation, opens new channels of revenue and creates partnerships which provide opportunities that fuel the economy. A global marketplace requires an innovative, inclusive workforce for business growth. By seeking diversity, promoting inclusion and driving accountability, corporations can make a positive impact on its people, customers and the communities it serves.

Our Team

Sara Webb

Founder & CEO

Chief Juggler, Branding Guru, SWAG Shopper, Impact Maker

Porshia Carter

Account Executive

Promotional Rock Star, Genius Ideas, Connection Maker

Lacey Facer

Account Executive

Genius Generator, Brand Builder, Swag Shopper

Katie Pereira

Program Manager

Relationship Builder, Savvy Shopper, Program Developer

Hayley Charbonneau

Assistant Account Executive

Miracle Driver, Genius Ideas, Swag Shopper

Madison Wood

Assistant Account Executive

Relationship Builder, Idea Generator, Communication Guru

Leah Craig

Marketing Assistant

Problem Solver, Order Tracker, Makin’ It Happen

Kim Falch

Accounting - Accounts Receivable

Invoice Creator & Revenue Generator

Aimy Lander

Accounting - Accounts Payable

Number Cruncher, Deal Maker, ROI Driver

Erin Williams


Designing Diva, Brand Mogul, Genius Creator

Lyndsi Toth

Decoration Technician

Swag Maker, Decorating Genius, Product Beautification Specialist

Penny Durell


Product Movement Specialist, Smile Generator, Flash Packer

It has been a real pleasure working with InTandem Promotions over the past several years. Sara and her team provide excellent customer service and a deep-rooted love for the Delta Brand and for our employees. Their thoughtfulness, innovation and reliability continue to support the partnership between Delta Air Lines and InTandem Promotions.

Manager - Delta Air Lines