SHRM SOAHR19 Conference

InTandem Promotions is a proud sponsor of SHRM SOAHR19 Conference.  The theme of this year’s event was Breaking Barriers and we did just that! With over 1,000 human resource professionals, we had an amazing time brainstorming on new hire gifts, anniversary programs, promotional needs, and safety events.  From awards to recognition, InTandem Promotions is the go-to partner for human resource professionals.

SOAHR is where anyone with human resource responsibilities  can discover, learn, network, celebrate and discuss how to create best in class workforces and workplaces together. This is a place for professionals to experience everything they need to find success – the ideas, the connections and the practical skills. It is both inspiring and hands on learning and we had a blast!

Thrilled to be the promotional sponsor at this year’s event!