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It’s that time of year again. The winding down of one year and the ringing in of the next. Those that know me are used to my giddy attitude after Christmas has been put away and we begin to prepare for the new year.  I love Christmas but New Year’s Day – New Year’s Day gets a category all of its own with me.  I have always used New Year’s Day as my opportunity to set the tone for the new year. Before Netflix, I would sit with a stack of DVDs and clean out closets, drawers, organize receipts for my taxes and start the year organized and with a fresh start.  I was very serious about “out with the old and in with the new.”  I absolutely love the finality of New Year’s Day, the line drawn in the sand and one year ending while a new year begins. It is also an opportunity to reflect on my accomplishments and failures of the previous year as well as the expectations and goals of the next.

But this year is different. I am not ready to turn the page to 2019.  I have that intense feeling that I’m not quite done with 2018 and still have so much more to do. This year, I feel more of a sense of continuation versus finality.  Now, InTandem really rocked 2018!  We moved into a new office space that is 3x our previous space. We updated our brand and recreated our website. We migrated to a new operating system.  We expanded our team of promotional rockstars. And for the icing on the cake – we received the 2018 Trailblazer Award from Greater Women’s Business Council. In addition to all of these accomplishments, I was also able to take part in and graduate from Launchpad2x. As you can see, we had amazing momentum and did a number of great things 2018 to move us forward. But we’re just getting started!

As the clock continues to tick down 2018, I have been reflecting on what 2018’s theme – On Purpose – actually turned out to mean to our business.  Every year, I pick a theme or phrase to help me stay in-line with my goals and expectations for the year. It keeps me accountable and forces me to analyze decisions based on the main goal of the year.  I didn’t know at the beginning of 2018 how much “On Purpose” would resonate with me, keep me focused, and continue to drive me forward.

The scariest thing for any CEO to do is take a moment and reflect on the goals and direction of their organization and see opportunities for improvement. I spent a lot of time in reflection at the beginning of 2018 and realized that it was time to do some serious restructuring within the organization. We looked at what was working and what was not and then took the steps necessary to restructure our team and our organization. We spent the first part of 2018 moving team members into positions that were a stronger fit for their personalities and conducive to their future success. Additionally, we brought on new team members that have absolutely contributed to a healthier environment, increased profitability, and enhanced productivity. Every action this year was intentional and on purpose. This intent was imperative to ensuring that we were building an organization that resonated with our target audience and moved us forward.

So for 2019, we will be carrying over our year of “On Purpose” but bringing it more “In Focus.” As we continue to build on the successes of 2018, continue to grow and build our team, and enhance the opportunities that this year has brought us, I’m thrilled to fine tune and make decisions that are more “In Focus” for 2019.  2019, here comes InTandem!

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